10 easy ways to integrate email and social media

Grow your social following through email marketing

By Rhian Harris

Consumers sign up to email marketing for a number of reasons and as a result have their inboxes filled daily with promotional messaging.

From recent Return Path analysis, email subscribers receive an average of 416 commercial emails a month.

Add that to growing use of social media and  average email open rates of between 17% and 20%, it is likely that your brand’s messaging will only reach 1 in 5 of your audience.

With this in mind, 75% of businesses integrate email with their website, but are as many aligning with social media?

In short, not usually unless there is a specific strategy.

So here are 10 easy ways to integrate your email and social marketing…

1. Include links in promotional emails

Most Facebook fan bases are also subscribed to email marketing, but the same is not always true of the other way around. Adding links to ‘Like Us’, ‘Follow Us’, ‘Pin This’ or whichever your most appropriate social network is to boost fan bases.

House of Fraser social links

House of Fraser email social links


2. Utilise transactional emails

Add a ‘Like’ link to confirmations. In the very instance, this could be a ‘thanks for subscribing to emails’ message, but should always be on order confirmations or other service related emails. Also adding links to any preference centre or unsubscribe pages may be a way to cling on to your consumer.

3. Offer ‘social subscriptions’

Using a social sign in to subscribe for emails will ensure you can link your email database to your fan / follower base providing richer insights of interests or interactions via social that can be appended to email records. Janrain offers a solution, although there are other alternatives available.

Subscribe to email with Facebook login

4. Share content

Use interaction insights from your blog and social network content as indicators of engagement for adding editorial to your newsletters.

5. Add a ‘fan gated’ landing tab with email sign up

Using an app, add a gateway page to your Facebook profile to be displayed to non-fans explaining the benefits of ‘liking’ the page, also including email subscription.

Fangated landing page

Fangated landing page

6. Use social comments and reviews in emails

Users increasingly tell you what they think of your products or service through social media. Incorporate positive messaging in your email as reassurance and marketing to your audience.

7. Offer sharing buttons in email content

Make it easy for users to share your email by offering a ‘share’ button in your messaging.

8. Offer social and email offer exclusives

Link email marketing offers and social profiles to support and extend the reach of your offers e.g. promote a ‘Facebook exclusive’ through an email. Where you are limited in creating landing pages through a CMS, Facebook posts can also offer a solution to display means of redeeming offers or coupons.

Facebook exclusive offer

Facebook exclusive offer

9. Share web versions of your emails

Post email best practice hosted versions of your email to your social profiles to promote the type of content users can expect if they sign up, but also spread your latest newsletter content beyond your email database.

10. Subscribe users through social

Possibly the most obvious approach, but integrate a sign up form into your social networks. Cost effective email providers such as Mail Chimp allow easy integration that can be set up in a matter of minutes.

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