5 great Vine clips from major brands

Your place or Vine?

By Rhian Harris

Twitter VineIf you’re still sitting on the fence about Twitter Vine, it’s time to choose.

Since Twitter purchased the 6-second video clip tool back in October 2012, it has been growing at a rate of knots and has Vine has just overtaken Instagram in the number of Twitter shares. And it’s just been made available on Android now too.

For those of you who haven’t yet embraced Twitter Vine (and I’ll be honest, I’ve only made a few to try it out so far):

Twitter Vine is a mobile service to capture and share short looping videos. Like Tweets, clips are a mere 6 seconds or less, which is designed to inspire creativity inside the restrictions.

This obviously opens up endless opportunities to share clips of a dog on a scooter, but also allows brands (and more importantly) followers of brands, to showcase how they interact with a product or service on the fly and in real-time.

For interaction and engagement, brands could encourage followers to demonstrate what a product means to them, host user-generated content competitions, find ambassadors or influencers, launch products, and even recruit creative employees – all through the medium of Vine.

So I thought I’d have a look at 5 great Twitter Vine clips I’ve seen by big brands so far.


The Doritos Mariatchi band is quickly becoming more memorable than eating a whole packet of the tortilla chips and wondering where they have gone, so it’s only natural to use them as part of a Vine competition:

French Connection

In fast fashion, choosing the products to feature in a 6-minute clip would be difficult, let alone a 6-second Vine, so I think FCUK really pulls this one off for their beach wear:


Similar to French Connection, Schuh is using Vine to launch new products – featuring one new pair of shoes using from multiple angles in this clip.


Cadbury used Vine to launch an Easter competition based around its Egg ‘n’ Spoon product – a novelty and more expensive alternative to their regular chocolate bars – showing how to ‘unbox’ them and also requiring fans to retweet for the chance to win:


A very simple idea, but with excellent execution, this Vine from Barcadi is short and sweet and does the job:


And not from a brand (or for any political or disrespectful reason), but this example marking frontpage coverage of the Baroness Thatcher’s death is really clever and shows why Vine presents a place in the video market for quick clips as opposed to over-produced videos:

What Vines have you made or seen that you think are great?


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