6 types of social media user

What type of social media user are you?

By Rhian Harris

Die-hard tagger? Checking in before you sleep? Re-pinning until the sun goes down? Hashtag-addict? Or maybe you just enjoy checking out others’ updates?

What box does that put you in?

Well, Canadian loyalty management company, Aimia, has created a model to analyse the behavioural characteristics to put you into one of six social media persona types; no shows, newcomers, onlookers, cliquers, mix-n-minglers and sparks.

Social user types

Source: www.aimia.com

The model argues that whilst no single social media channel delivers a complete picture of customer behaviour, social media personas can be identified which, if engaged directly, can provide great returns for brands.

So whilst this has been applied to a US audience, it is still worth a look to understand the traits they feel important to segmenting social users.

  1. No Shows (41%) – least involved with social media and also infrequently engaging in online commerce. Perhaps an older parent who believes ‘they are not savvy enough’.
  2. Newcomers (15%) – passive users of a single social media network such as Facebook, primarily to enhance offline relationships. Typically a friend that has a Facebook profile and is mainly connected with a few ‘real’ friends but it’s best to use an alternative method to contact them!
  3. Onlookers (16%) – active but really only watching via social channels and sharing almost no personal information. Possibly someone that consumes via Twitter, but never has anything to say for themselves!
  4. Cliquers (6%) – active users of one network; they tend to be influential among their small group of friends and family. Those friends that share ‘inspirational’ thoughts or Candy Crush Saga invitations (you know who you are!).
  5. Mix-n-Minglers (19%) – those who regularly share and interact with a diverse group of connections via social media. They’ll most likely have a log in for the main social networks and share media on a regular basis.
  6. Sparks (3%) – most active and deeply engaged users of social media; will serve as enthusiastic online ambassadors for their favourite brands. These are the connections regularly liking, RTing, re-pinning, subscribing or sharing post from the brands they follow online.

Source: www.aimia.com

Which one are you?


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