Best practice email follow up example

Expedia’s post stay email follow up case study

By Rhian Harris

Having worked in the field of online marketing and CRM for around 10 years now, I know how commonplace it is to see golden opportunities overlooked and not acted upon.

So when a great example of a company doing it right comes along, I like to celebrate it!

eCRM programmes are not rocket science.

They follow simple logic.

And having designed and managed these programmes myself in the past, I know how they work.

Still, I can’t help being impressed when one works so well.

Last week, I spent a week in Greece in a hotel that I booked through Expedia, so by my first ‘official’ day back in the office, I was already busy calculating how soon I could go on my next holiday.

Clever old Expedia had also been thinking about that too…

I opened up my inbox to find this targeted email:

Email from Expedia

Email from Expedia – Subject line: Need something to look forward to?

It’s like they read my mind!

With a strong data strategy and lovely tone, this email was so well-timed that not only did I spot it amongst the 274 other promotional emails I’d received in the last 24 hours, but I also opened and read it.

So how did they do it? Well it’s simple really.

  • A data file output 48 hours after the end of a booking
  • A triggered email with a clear and simple subject line and message sent to that data file
  • Some basic personalisation – destination or hotel name
  • A direct call to action

And realistically, if I wasn’t 30 weeks pregnant, I’d probably have actually acted on it too.

Bravo, Expedia. Thumbs up to an excellent eCRM strategy.

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