Digital loves Valentine’s Day (even if the rest of us don’t)

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day WILL be promoted

By Rhian Harris

So we’ve all been there, questioning whether Valentine’s Day is the true meaning of love, or just over-commercialised rubbish.

Whatever you think, digital marketing loves the opportunity to promote the day in the pursuit of sales.

I recently wrote a blog about what Valentine’s Day means to me, but let’s take a look at what it means for some of our digital chums out there.

Take a look at 5 Valentine’s campaigns that will melt your heart.


Google loves a holiday or event to draw us a topical Doodle.

Today they’ve released a Valentine’s Day themed animated fairground dedicated to George Ferris, inventor of the ferris wheel was born on Valentine’s Day 1859.

Valentine's Day Google Doodle

The interactive doodle features two ferris wheels with a fairground backdrop. Users can push a heart button on the doodle to spin the wheels and brings up pictures of animals, who then appear going on dates.

Video fanatics

With camera hardware on Smartphones good quality mobile video is the new reality.

So of course we’re not actually just popping the question 1-2-1. We’re creating a video!

A few years old now, but here’s my favourite proposal video recorded in Central Park, NYC.

And if you want the best marriage proposals of 2013 so far, check out this article.


Apparently, most brides don’t want an elaborate marriage proposal.

So how would you feel about a Twitter proposal?

Twitter wedding proposal

 Clearly it worked for @stefsull!


We’re all pretty addicted to adding a vintage feel to our modern pics using our good friend, Instagram.

It’s another way of publicly declaring our undying love to the person you want to share your life with.

You’ve just got to hope they see it…

If you’re still looking for inspiration to add some digital spice to your Valentine’s Day, Mashable have collated  the best apps for Valentine’s Day planning, or get him or her a last-minute Valentine’s gift to make sure you don’t get dumped this year.

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