Facebook to restructure advertising platform

Campaigns, ad sets and ads

By Rhian Harris

Facebook has announced that from 4th March, it will launch a new campaign structure going from two levels (campaigns and ads) to three (campaigns, ad sets, and ads).
The aim is to make it easier for advertisers of every size to “organise, optimise and measure” their adverts.

The new structure will be rolled out worldwide across all ad interfaces, including the Ads Create Tool, Ads Manager and Power Editor, as well as third-party ad interfaces built by Preferred Marketing Developers.

Campaigns – correspond to each of your advertising objectives e.g. driving traffic to a website.

Ad sets – is basically a way of organising adverts into segments e.g. target audience segments based on location. Campaigns can feature multiple ad sets, each of which has its own budget and schedule, which will help you control what is spent on each audience, when they will see your ads, and also measure their response. The ad delivery system will optimise to the best-performing ad in an ad set.

Ads – multiple ads can exist within an ad set testing different images, links, video or text, and you can still control the creative, targeting and bidding at the ad level.

New Facebook campaign structrure

Source: www.facebook.com – New Facebook campaign structure

When the new structure is rolled out, all existing campaigns will be migrated automatically to the new structure. The delivery, spend or performance of existing ads will not be affected, and access to historical data will still be available.

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