Get more likes on Facebook

5 simple ways to get more likes on Facebook

By Rhian Harris

Businesses are always trying to get more likes on Facebook. The more likes they get, the more eyeballs see their content.

But are there simple initiatives they are overlooking?

Get more likes on FacebookHere are 5 things not to forget when you are trying to get more likes on Facebook.

1. Connect with other page managers and their fans

 More and more brands are maximising Facebook nowadays, so even if your target customer hasn’t liked your page yet, the chances are they’ve liked another brand with similar appeal.

So if you are a local sandwich shop and have set up your Facebook Page, make a live connection with companies in the local area where you know their employees buy their lunch, or hook up with local bars that draw the same clientele.  Then arrange a Facebook cross-promotion and share each others posts with your audiences from time to time.

Joint ventures can also create meaningful relationships for service businesses. Why not offer to co-host an event, webinar of Facebook chat to raise visibility with the partner’s audience.


2. Update your personal profiles to tag your company page

Once you have your page set up, tell your friends where you work to get more likes.

When people add a place of work that isn’t properly linked to their official Facebook business page, a new ‘community’ is created with a suitcase icon.

Make sure you and anyone else linked to your company tag the official page as their place of employment within their personal information.

Each time someone updates their profiles, their news feeds will post an update, so why not ask your friends to like your company too?

Ask your friends for some help on Facebook


3. Give something away


Despite all the hard work you’ll do on building the value and awareness of your brand, competitions will get more people to your site. Admittedly, perhaps not the quality of people you might want, but it’ll give you the volume.

Try not to run too many competitions, but for short-term engagement and viral reach, it’s a good idea to try it.

Always make sure you ‘fan gate’ your competition so that only people who have liked your brand can enter, and keep the mechanism as simple as you can.

Run some paid advertising to promote your competition to non-fans and make sure your targeting is tight, so that you’re not wasting your budget showing the ad to the wrong people.

Here’s a handy guide to make sure your Facebook competition is legal.


4. Ask users to post their own content

Ok, so there’s plenty of social media disaster stories here, but there are some good examples too.

Incentivise your customers to find you on Facebook and add their own content. If you have a mail order or retail product, pop a note in parcels encouraging customers to find you on Facebook and post pics of themselves enjoying their products. This will be shared to all of their friends too so you get a viral reach.

Onepiece do this pretty well, asking users to upload pictures of themselves in their onesies, videos or their own designs.


5. Join the conversation

There are conversations and threads happening all day long on Facebook. Why not find those relevant to your business or product and comment thoughtfully as your page?

Your target customer will read your post within the thread and are likely to click though (providing it’s engaging).

Post as your brand on Facebook

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