Google April Fools’ Day pranks

A round up of 2014’s Google pranks from around the world

By Rhian Harris

For another year in a row, Google has yet put its creative minds to producing some of the funniest April Fools’ Day pranks around. 

The Magic Hand

Attached to any keyboard, this is the new input method for smartphones weighing ‘just’ 800g means you no longer have to operate your own mobile device. The Magic Hand does all of the work for you.



The Google Post Card search

The ‘new’ means to performing Google search queries… by post. Simply enter the search term, pop it in the post, and you should receive your SERPs in 30 days.

Google April Fools' Day prank

Google April Fools’ Day prank


Nest Total Temperature Control

Following Google’s acquisition of Nest earlier this year, an actually plausible idea was hatched (excuse the pun) with Virgin America to allow passengers to create their own personal climate controlled travel space, with pre-set temperatures such as Cancun Afternoon or Chicago Polor Vortex.


Google Maps Pokémon Challenge

The Google Maps team launched the Pokémon Challenge as a method of their latest recruitment process. It allows anyone with an Android or iOS device catch the characters by searching for them within the app. And with over 2 million views already, it looks like a hit!


Gmail Shelfie

In the year that Google hits the grand old age of 10 years and the rise of the ‘selfie’, the Gmail joke is the Gmail Shelfie (standing for SHareable sELFIE). The idea is that you can upload your selfie as your Google theme and allow others to also set it as theirs too!

Gmail Shelfie

Gmail Shelfie


Emoji translation in Chrome

This idea allows Google Translate to read web content “using efficient and emotive illustrations, instead of cumbersome text.”


Auto Awesome Photobombs

The Google+ team has delivered the feature to build upon Auto Awesome photos to include photobombs allowing celebrities to make a spontaneous appearance in your pictures.

Google Auto Awesome Photobombs

Google Auto Awesome Photobombs

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