The Royal Baby 2.0 – How the news broke online

The Royal Baby – already an internet sensation

By Rhian Harris

Unless you’ve been following a ‘no news’ diet for the last few weeks, you’ll have found it hard to ignore the famous hospital door that has been dominating the media recently.

So with days of footage (of a door) and little official news released, it’s easy to say that the internet was the place to go for up to the second chatter about the birth of baby HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

Search is not dead!

Royal Baby Google trends

Blue = ‘Royal Baby’, Red = ‘Kate Middleton’ – Google trends

Despite claims that search usage is dropping, Google saw an explosion of searches on ‘royal baby’ related terms – particularly in the last week, with ‘royal baby watch’ seeing a 550% increase over the past 30 days.

Likewise, ‘Kate Middleton’ queries increased +1000% over the same period as people too an interest in the Princess’ pregnancy.

The Royal Tweet

It is estimated that Twitter sees in excess of 500 million tweets per day, and on the day of the birth announcement, 487 million users viewed posts about the Duchess going into labour.

Royal Tweet

Official Tweet from Clarence House

What’s more – in a break of tradition, the news was also officially broken on Twitter with Clarence House posting: ‘Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London, in the early stages of labour.’

This message alone was retweeted nearly 7,000 times.

Within hours of the Palace’s announcement, hashtags #royalbaby#royalbabywatch and other tags containing ‘Kate Middleton’ were top trending topics in the UK, seeing 25,300 tweets per minute at it’s peak.

To highlight the worldwide appeal of the royal family, just 41 per cent of the posts came from the UK. The US accounted for 29%, followed by Canada and Australia.

We ‘like’ the news

Twitter wasn’t the only social platform recording staggering statistics.

Official data from Facebook reveals that within an hour of the baby’s birth, 1 million royal baby mentions were recorded.

Facebook also revealed that women between ages 25 to 34 had the most mentions, while women aging 18 to 24 came in second. Women between the ages 35 to 44 came third.

The data also confirms that men were amongst the least interested in the happy news.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and Google+ were also inundated with ‘royal baby mania’ as the news hit the world.

Royal baby on Pinterest

Royal baby on Pinterest

What was your experience of the royal arrival?

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