Pinterest announces Place Pins

A new type of Pinterest Pin 

By Rhian Harris

Pinterest has today announced the launch of Place Pins, which allows users to add a location to their pins and be able to see them on an interactive map.

Visit Britain Place Pins

Visit Britain Place Pins

This not only overlays a visual layer for Pinterest users, but also presents an opportunity for businesses to collate location-based content for users to explore.

And even more so, it adds another element to social media marketing for travel brands.

So what?

Since it exploded on to the social media scene, Pinterest growth has presented an invaluable channel both for consumers and retailers to collate, share and influence content that it important to them, or showcase their products and services.

Until now though, physical locations have not been part of the strategy.

Place Pins, represents the latest step in Pinterest’s evolution, making pins more insightful and actionable to consumers. It also reflects the devices their users are mostly using:

“Over 75 percent of the site’s traffic comes from mobile devices” – Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann

This new development will allow users the ability to append a location from their mobile device allowing others to physically locate content e.g. hotels or cafes, but also allows to plan and organise trips using a new type of board.

How to use Place Pins

Users can manually add location information to their existing pins or through an integration with Foursquare when pinning content from partners such as TripAdvisor or

Boards are also simple to create – simply using the “Add a map” option when creating a new or editing existing board settings.

Adding a Places pin board

Adding a Places pin board

Where will you pin?

Here are some examples of place boards worth taking a look at to get you started:

Visit Britain – UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the UK

Conde Nast – Top 100 Hotels in the World

Airbnb – Loved by Parisians

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