Tips to plan a kick-ass content strategy

Create great content that attracts links

By Rhian Harris

With the recent Google Penguin update, good quality link building has never been more important.

On the same token, everyone is an ‘expert’ and the proliferation of content is at an all time high.

So how do you create great content to attract good quality links?

Step 1 – First and foremost, you need to plan it. 

On the most basic level:

– Decide what platforms you use
– Understand how they differ in terms of what works best and your audience characteristics
– Specify how frequently you want to to be producing content.

I recommend creating an editorial calendar to keep on top of these and make sure your content is not an ad hoc feature. If you don’t want to start from scratch, download this content calendar template.

The key to good planning is making sure you don’t forget significant dates or events, so make sure you include these as the first step!

Step 2 – Plan timely and interesting topics.

  • What’s popular and relevant to your audience or industry?

Use tools such as Google Trends, Trendsmap  or even just Twitter trends will help you to identify the ‘now’ of social conversation. Monitor the kind of questions people are asking and base your content on answering it.

Also look at the reaction and comments to news articles or videos will help you prioritise where to focus effort.

  • What’s likely to be talked about?

It’s pretty hard to predict the future, but by looking back at what happened in previous years around a certain time, you might be able to spot hot topics that might pop up. Look at key events for your industry or sector, research days of interest using sites like On This Day, or look up likely subjects around key days for your business.


  • What are we talking about?

What’s coming up? If you can’t find anything of specific relevance, just plan content around what you do know. Product launches, award ceremonies, national days, holidays, celebrity birthdays, or events and so onthat are exciting to your company.

Step 3 – Write the content.

Different audiences want different content, so you need to cater for their appetites:

  • Evergreen content – some information is always relevant, regardless of when it’s published. Consider content such as how to guides, interviews, quotes, data sources, routines, recipes etc. that can run and run.
  • Anchor content – information that can hook someone in that is ‘anchored’ to a specific subject e.g. top facts, top 10’s etc, comparisons etc.

Step 4 – Share the content.

Influencers are a key part of your content strategy, so use them.

Make targets part of a story to get their buy-in and encourage sharing. For example, quote them or their product, include a back link and let them know you think they are awesome.

Most of the time, if you’ve done your research, your influencer will be flattered and likely to tell his or her community your content is worth a read. Who knows… they might even pop a reciprocal link on their site.

If you follow each of these principles, you’re sure to produce great content that people will be killing themselves to link to.

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