Report: Digital marketing transformation continues to rise

Digital marketing spend and other trends

By Rhian Harris

Accenture recently sponsored the fourth CMO Insights survey study aimed at understanding the opinions, challenges and perspectives of senior marketing executives from around the world.

This time the focus was on digital transformation and risks of not embracing it within business.

The findings suggest that CMOs are not doing themselves justice. It is no longer a question of whether they can effectively take advantage of digital
channels, but now whether they can become catalysts working across the organisation to welcome the broader digital opportunities and protect against
the digital threats.

Results identified that successful CMOs lead and transform the marketing function with a digital perspective, fully embracing omni-channel customer experience. They also integrate channels with real-time analytics and act upon insights, investing in agile technologies and cloud-based services

Highlights of the study conclude:

  • High growth companies are much more likely to use data and analytics to improve marketing impact, recognising the strategic importance of digital channels
  • Younger CMOs (under 50 years old) are significantly more likely to embrace mobile as an important channel than those who are older
  • Telemarketing finally seems to be on the decline, with email and radio marketing rising in effectiveness
  • Customer service is perceived to be very important, yet many respondents don’t believe they are effective at it
Seeing the full digital opportunity

Source –¬†Seeing the full digital opportunity

Read the full report here.

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