Social media in SEO

Understanding how social media influences SEO

By Rhian Harris

By now you will understand that relevance and trust are key factors in inbound marketing.

But what about social media?

Increasingly, search engines are incorporating social networks into how SERPs are presented, meaning social search and the social graph have also become key influencers.

What is ‘social search’?

Social search is a way of ranking content related to the social graph of users in terms of relevance to the search term queried.

What is social search?

The social graph explains the personal relations of internet users, and maps they way everybody within a network is related.

So basically the impact is that content with a social connection is prioritised when returning the SERPs in relation to a queried keyword or phrase.

Search engines tend to include a small thumbnail of your connection, or simply say ‘Rhian likes this':

Bing results incorporating social media connections

So how to take advantage of this?

1. Integrate your content across all social networks – ensure your content has built-in social sharing tools e.g. from blog posts

2. Learn from your top ranking content – is there a theme from the most visited or most shared content? If so, write and optimise more of it!

3. Understand your top sharers and create relationships with them – create more content to share with them, and also offer them benefits as a ‘thank you’ for sharing.

Finally, we need to know how to monitor and track it all…

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