Tips to create engaging direct response tweets

Short, sharp summary to create engaging tweets

By Rhian Harris

I recently listened into a #TwitterAcademy webinar from the Twitter Business Team and thought it was worth highlighting a few key takeaways for creating effective direct response tweets.
 The presentation ran through examples of businesses that have used Twitter to create strong DR tweets within the parameters of the 140 character limit following the following four principles:

  1. Spot a problem or need
  2. Identify a solution
  3. Offer a call to action
  4. Provide a link to the solution


For example:

Problem or need: Looking for a wedding venue?

Solution: Our garden marquee caters for up to 2oo guests.

CTA: Speak to our event planners today.


And all in 136 characters.

Twitter tips

engaging twitter content

Other tips included not overusing exclamation marks (!!!!!), and using whole monetary values instead of decimal places (now £20).

The #TwitterAcademy series is run by Twitter UK&I SME ‏@TwitterUKI_SME


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