Twitter adds photo tagging

Twitter now lets you tag people in photos

By Rhian Harris

Twitter has just added a new feature to allow users to tag up to 10 friends (or followers) in photos, and it won’t use up your 140 character limit either.

iPhone users can also upload up to four photos in one tweet, with the Android functionality in development.

Twitter photo tagging


What if I don’t want to be tagged?

Don’t worry if you don’t want to be tagged in photos from your fellow users – you can amend your Twitter settings to disable the feature.

So what?

For me, this is just another development in the convergence of the social media platform. I blogged back in February about Twitter planning a redesign where it appeared to be adopting usability and design features from other social networks. This seems to yet another feature that we are familiar with from Facebook and Google+ that Twitter seems to be integrating.

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