UK Online Travel Trends 2013

UK user figures for the online travel market

By Rhian Harris

New findings from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) — UK reveal an increase of adults using the internet to research and book travel arrangements, with the 25-35 age group peaking as the highest users.

Of respondents, there was an equal split of men to women – each gender researching travel products online. Whether there was a bias towards the actual decision makers was not clear, but it does reinforce the need for insightful targeting in travel marketing.

Online travel trends 2013

Source: – Online travel trends 2013

The top 5 most popular sites accessed in the research process of UK users were:

  1. Google Maps UK – just over 10%
  2. TripAdvisor UK – 6.38%
  3. – 2.87%
  4. National Rail Enquiries – 1.97%
  5. Thomson Holidays – 1.77%

Research from Greenlight, showed that ‘Cheap flights’ was the most popular term searched for on Google UK, accounting for 17% of all flight searches, and 20% of all searches made on mobile.

This is backed up by Experian data showing that UK internet users spent 2% of their desktop internet time in 2012 using travel sites.

Other recent findings include:

  • Queries for flights to short haul destinations were most popular on laptops/desktops – 31% of overall flight-related searches
  • Mobile search dominated long haul destination searches – 28%
  • Skyscanner was the most visible site in the organic listings on mobile and desktop search

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